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SudoKoi is a simple, intuitive and elegant puzzle game with handcrafted Sudokus & Killer Sudokus.

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Down to the Basics

SudoKoi has everything you would expect from a Sudoku game. Choose from up to five difficulty ratings and play up to nine Sudokus simultaneously. Enter notes and keep track of candidates. Highlight numbers, check for errors and undo your last action. What it does not come with is anything you do not need like distracting animations, annoying sound effects or ads.

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Never Gets in the Way

SudoKoi is smart but does not try to outsmart you. Where applicable the app will assist you including highlighting neighboring cells and showing indicators on the number buttons for completed boxes. In the end you have to solve the Sudoku yourself, but SudoKoi makes that easy and enjoyable by getting the controls just right.

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SudoKoi looks great on all your devices. Its design is unobtrusive and well-wrought down to the last detail. It is equally aesthetic and understandable. Solving Sudokus with SudoKoi is not only as self-explanatory as doing it on paper but even more convenient and ultimately more pleasing.


All Sudokus you start and complete are recorded. Keep track of your progress and see how you improve over time.

Strategy Guide

Dozens of articles on the different solving techniques will help you learn to solve even the hardest Sudokus. – Articles by Andrew Stuart from


You can share Sudokus with your friends and family. Compete with each other and show off your solving skills.

Assisted Candidates

Candidates are automatically cleared when you enter values in neighboring cells. Use them to your advantage.

Advanced Controls

Number Lock and Cursor Control are just two among many other little details to discover in the app. Use your Apple Pencil to draw numbers instead of tapping.


You can scan puzzles from the newspaper or magazines and play them in the app. Bring puzzles from paper to life in the app.

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